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Mosaic, new dance works by Karl Schaffer and friends, June 24, 25, 2011 in Santa Cruz at the International Academy of Dance.

Hold the Date- special preview of Mosaic, the new show-in-progress by Karl Schaffer and friends, Friday, June 24 and Saturday, June 25, 2011, at the International Academy of Dance in Santa Cruz.

The title refers to the range of subjects which inspired Schaffer’s choreography, from the Palestinian/Israeli conflict to great female mathematicians, as well as to the mosaic tilings common in Middle Eastern art. New dance work will also make use of live projection of video mosaics of dancers.

Date/time: Friday, June 24, 2011 at 8 PM
Saturday, June 25, 2011 at 8 PM
Location: International Academy of Dance       
320 Encinal St., Santa Cruz (down the street from Costco)
Tickets:, $10 in advance, $12 at the door.
Seating is limited, please purchase tickets in advance.
More information:
or Karl Schaffer at 831-480-5114 or

Karl Schaffer is co-artistic director of the Dr. Schaffer and Mr. Stern Dance Ensemble, which performs under the auspices of MoveSpeakSpin. The Ensemble has performed throughout North America for twenty years. They recently performed at the World Science Festival in New York, and during summer 2010 they performed in Hungary and Paris. Schaffer and Stern are on the Teaching Artist Roster of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts for their work integrating dance and mathematics. Schaffer served as an alternate judge in the 2011 National Society of Arts and Letters Choreography Competition.

Zambra will perform several Middle Eastern works in their repertory. Zambra is a Santa Cruz women’s global vocal music ensemble which performs songs in over 15 languages. Additional music has been composed for the show by “mathemusician” VI Hart, whose videos integrating math, music, and zany humor have recently become an internet sensation.

Dance premieres include

“Machine Gun,” a tap dance to the rapid-fire machine gun sounds of a Jimi Hendrix’s song, about the relentless march of death of contemporary warfare.
“Into a Bar,” in which two dancers spar via popular online jokes about Palestinians and Israelis.
A Circle Has No Sides “– a duet in for two dancers bound together and struggling in a small area, set to a piano score by “mathemusician” Vi Hart.
Mathematical Women” – excerpts from a work in progress on women mathematicians.
Untitled: A group work and a duet to Middle Eastern folk songs sung by Zambra.

Revised works include:
The Mourning After” – a solo set to Bach depicting the loss of a child in war.
Brainstorm” – a zany look at a man dancing inside his own brain.

Guest choreography will include “Uncommon Ritual,” a solo by Kaylie Caires.

Dancers for the show include:

Libbey Blumberg has performed with 8 Tens @ Eight and as a dancer and actor with various film and television artists in Los Angeles.
Kaylie Caires just received a Graduate Certificate in Theatre Arts and Dance from UCSC, has performed with Tandy Beal and Shakespeare Santa Cruz, and teaches at Motion Pacific.
David Guzman
 is a musician, actor, and dancer who is a member of the Improv troupe "You Had to Be There" and has acted in 8 Tens @ Eight and the "Best of the Rest" at the Santa Cruz Actors Theater.
Kathryn Petak has danced with Smuin Ballet, San Francisco Opera, and State Street Ballet, and teaches ballet, yoga, and Pilates in Los Gatos.
Jenna Purcell is graduating this year with a BA in Literature and minor in Theatre Arts from UCSC, played Clara in Tandy Beal's Mixed Nutz, worked with Shakespeare Santa Cruz, and recently directed UCSC's student dance concert Random with a Purpose XIX.
Jane Real has an MA in Dance and a MS in Elementary Education, been Rehearsal Director and performer with Bill T. Jones/ Arnie Zane and Co., Director of the Dance Network of Brooklyn, NY, and has recently performed with Tandy Beal and Company.
Saki has performed and taught dance, circus arts, theatre and gymnastics with Tandy Beal & Company, New Pickle Circus, West Performing Arts with Terri Steinmann, Gymnastics Learning Center at Santa Cruz Sports Central and for ten years with the Dr. Schaffer & Mr. Stern Dance Ensemble. 
Lila Salhov has a B.F.A. in Dance from Boston Conservatory, has performed as a member of the Windhover Dance Company in Boston and Jessica Danser/dansfolk in New York City, been on faculty at Ballet Hispanico and the Marymount School in Manhattan, and currently dances and teaches in the Bay Area.

Photos by Steve DiBartolomeo.
Lighting by Disa Lindquist.
Music by VI Hart, Zambra, Jimi Hendrix, Solace, Bobby McFerrin.

Funded in part by a grant from the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County.



P.O. Bo 8055

Santa Cruz, CA 95061

Contact: Karl Schaffer at 831-480-5114 or